Permanent Lip Liner, Shading & Full Lip Color

Ideal candidates for lip pigmentation are those looking to correct asymmetry, camouflage a scar, or anyone who wants to enhance the color of their lips.  I offer lip liner, liner plus shading, or full lip color depending on your desired overall look.

More About Permanent Lips

Permanent Lips, 10 Days Healed, Before and After
Permanent Lips – Full Lip Color
  • Clients can choose from lip liner, liner plus shading, or full lip color.
  • Topical anesthetics are used before and during the procedure for optimal comfort.
  • Some swelling is normal and should subside within 24 hrs post procedure.
  • Clients should avoid spicy/ acidic foods for several days following their procedure.
  • Additionally clients are advised to brush their teeth with only water  for 48-72 hrs as most toothpastes can irritate the lips.
  • All clients will be given an approved lip balm to use in the weeks following their lip enhancement.
  • Lip color will fade 50-70% upon healing so it is necessary to use a pigment that is significantly more intense than the desired result.
  • Lips heal in 3 stages: too dark, too light, and just right.  A touch-up is required to perfect the color and overall saturation, 4-8 weeks following the initial appointment. In some cases a third visit may be needed.

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