Healing Chart

Permanent Eyeliner Healing

Days  Description
1-2 Liner will appear thicker, darker and swollen (ice may be used to reduce swelling)
3-4 Pigment begins to lift away with a tight peeling. Some itching is normal – do not pick at area (apply an ice pack for relief)
5-10 The color will begin to clarify to its final result

Permanent Eyebrows Healing

Days  Description
1-2 Color will be darker and bolder in width
4 Exfoliation will begin causing the excess pigment surrounding the eyebrow procedure to flake away and the eyebrows will appear narrower
5 Eyebrows may itch, this is normal – do not pick at the area (use an icepack for relief)
7-14 Color finishes flaking off and the eyebrows may appear too soft in color
15-30 Color clarifies to final results

Permanent Lips Healing

Days  Description
1-2 Lips will appear darker and swollen when first done. Keep area moist
3-4 Exfoliation may begin and color may appear with a slight orange effect
5-6 Lips may be very chapped and lips will begin to lighten
7-14 Color may look like it is totally gone, do not be concerned this is all part of the process
15-21 Color begins to bloom – lips may remain dry. Use a good lip balm with SPF 30 to help